How Some Vehicle Models Evolve

Classic vehicle models that remain popular may be updated every few years, but manufacturers rarely make major changes. The product is not broken so no improvements are needed. Too many alterations to the style or appearance may actually result in lower sales.

Major Revisions

Most vehicles will be improved the very next year if sales were not as high as projected. Customer feedback will also determine changes if the same issue is a problem. One example is the New Peugeot 2008 introduced in the 2017 model year. The vehicle is an SUV crossover that also has a hatchback.

This vehicle is an improved version of the 208 model. There is more head room, the third row of seating folds down flat, and there is more bootspace. Revised technology is found in the cabin, and the three models of this line are only available in four-wheel drive.


There are some vehicles that have been discontinued by the manufacturer, only to be introduced some years later in a new version. The Cobra sports car from AC Cars will be available in a new version this year. Original specifications from 1962 will be used, but the vehicle will be updated to include power brakes and air conditioning, as well as several other features.

There will be two versions at first, one that has a V-8 engine and one that is supercharged with more horsepower. The vehicle is a luxury sports car with a price tag to match. A more cost-effective version is currently in the development stages.

Previous Evolution

Sometimes the evolution process is slow and subtle. The old gigantic van, for example, slowly evolved into a stylish minivan. The station wagon has given way to the SUV that is so popular today. It is still possible to find the old vehicles, they are just not as popular or economical to run as the newer vehicles.


There are many websites that compare the newest version of a model to the offerings of the previous year. That gives drivers an opportunity to research what has been changed, and what remains the same. Seek out sites that tst drive the vehicles and have reviewers with experience in the automotive industry for the most accurate assessments.