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The financial sector offers challenging, diverse and lucrative profession opportunities for self-motivated, diligent candidates. A lot of graduates return to their nations of origin and are employed in developing international business opportunities, or government institutions, whilst other graduates create their careers with international charities and other non-governmental organisations.

The principal goal of this module is to create a clear understanding of the fundamentals of corporate finance and business valuation (and their partnership with the theory and practice of corporate investments through the examination of true-life case research and modern examples).

It is customary to believe of only firms that actively trade internationally as getting any sort of currency exposure But really all firms that operate in economies affected by international monetary events such as exchange price modifications are affected by these events.

To equip students to study and publish in prime finance and international business journals, the doctoral core also consists of a substantial background in econometrics, mathematical statistics and stochastic processes, along with other statistical techniques applicable to extending the theoretical and empirical understanding of international finance.

The module is intended to give an understanding of the problems relating to international capital markets like the role of international organisations such as the IMF and the Globe Bank, Islamic finance, the impact of the 2008 worldwide economic crisis and emerging markets and to enhance the intellectual and private development of students to the level of an honours graduate.