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The Three Easy Steps in Making Your Air Ducts Totally Clean There are actually three stages of Winnipeg Duct Cleaning that would probably make the process of cleaning be easy for you. The first stage in air duct cleaning is known as the initial stage. In the initial stage, you have to cover the heat vents with plastic before you are going to finally clean it. The purpose of doing so is to let the dusts be collected by the cover after you totally clean the air duct. Furthermore, the Winnipeg duct cleaning machine’s suction would also be checked if it is still working or if it is already destroyed. Consequently, the technician will put a hole on the heat vents’ trunk. The hole is where the large vacuum tube will be inserted. The large vacuum with a high powered unit will help each other to suck and remove all the dirt particles in the coils and duct.
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The second stage in air duct cleaning is known as the cleaning stage. The heat vents are drilled with a small hole done in the initial stage. Consequently, use a whip attachment or a spinning brush to make sure that no dust or dirt particles are left in the air duct machine. Every day, you cannot avoid every dirt particles and any foreign object from entering your air duct machine – sometimes; these small particles get stuck in the air duct. Those stocked dust and dirt particles are the reasons why the quality of the heating and cooling system of the air duct gets lower and lower. A scoping camera is actually used by some Winnipeg duct cleaning companies in order to see and remove all these dirt and dust particles that were stocked inside the duct. But if the air duct has a severe dust and dirt blockage, the air duct machine will temporarily be ripped into pieces for the air duct to be cleaned totally.
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The third stage in Winnipeg duct cleaning is the final stage. In this final stage, the cleaning is obviously done that the only job left is to remove and detach everything that was used during the first and second stage such as the removal of the plastic bag from the heat vents and the disconnection of the large vacuum form the furnace trunk that was inserted earlier. Obviously and technically, the Winnipeg duct cleaning is already totally done. To make the air duct cleaning officially done, fix everything that was done such as patch the holes that was created earlier and put back all the pieces that was dismantled in the cleaning stage to make sure that everything is set.